What We Do

What We Do

Restoring Hope to Women in Crisis

The Anchor Home provides women in hopeless situations with a safe place to live while they stabilize and move toward self-sufficiency. Our services help meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


The Anchor Home provides an immediate and safe place for women, depending on the need, from a few days to few months.


Through our partnerships, food and basic necessities are made available to our clients.


Learning how to manage income is key to self-sufficiency. The Anchor Home helps by connecting clients to resources and volunteers to assist them with budgeting, job readiness, and money management.


Coming alongside each woman, we offer a sense of hope and support, pointing each woman to Jesus. We urge our clients to commit their lives to Jesus Christ to grow in their faith and build their future in service to Him.


The loss of husband is traumatic and can bring overwhelming stress. The Anchor Home provides a monthly meal and Bible Study for widows in our area, so they will know they are loved, supported, and not alone.


Some women may only need their current home to be made safer.  The Anchor Home works to find volunteers within our community to assist these women with minor home repairs.

“She sat across from me clutching a tissue that was all but used up. She had suddenly found herself without a husband, without a job, and would soon be without a home. Her world had come crashing down around her, and she was out of options. And she was the third woman telling me basically the same story that month.”

Meeting Her Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs

The Anchor Home helps women in Ellis County who are unexpectedly without support or help. The women who come to us are in dire straits due to divorce, death of a family’s main breadwinner, medical crises and other unexpected circumstances. As our clients get some financial and emotional breathing room, we help them with next steps. 

Women who reach out for help are interviewed, prayed with and counseled about the best next steps they can take given their circumstances. If a woman fits the criteria for housing (and we have available room), she becomes a client of The Anchor Home. She is housed and counseled as she begins developing a path toward self-sufficiency.

Need Support From The Anchor Home?

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